Tips And Tricks For Big Cloud Vaping

There comes a point in every vaper’s journey, where they attempt to produce massive clouds of vapour. This of course is known as cloud chasing, and it is a big part of vaping culture. Cloud chasers are always looking for ways to push the envelope and invent new and more creative ways to not only produce large clouds, but to also make them look artistic. 

Cloud chasing has become an artistic science, with manufacturers being the ultimate tinkerers of developing ways to optimise the engineering and cloud chasers being the alchemists who seamlessly walk the tightrope of art and science. A lot goes into cloud chasing, it isn’t simply inhaling as much vapour as you can and exhaling it. Big clouds need technique, low ohm coils, high wattage and tons of airflow, not to mention the knowledge and experience to do it safely. Let’s break down the key essentials for big cloud vaping.

Best cloud chasing vapes

If you want big clouds you need a sub ohm vaporizer, this is non-negotiable! Sub ohm vaporizers come with sturdy tanks and powerful batteries – must-haves in order to produce massive clouds, and they are easy to use even for beginners, who simply want to experiment. The advanced cloud chaser would love a device that has high wattage and a rebuildable atomizer. Some sub ohm vaporizers also come with rebuildable tanks that make use of multiple mesh coils for high wattage and full dense clouds of vapour. 

Tips to get bigger clouds

As we stated earlier, there is a lot that goes into creating massively majestic clouds of vapour. If you want to have the biggest clouds in the room, these are some of the things you need to consider:

  • Using the right battery
  • Using the right coils
  • Cranking the airflow all the way up
  • Using the right e-liquid
  • Using the right device
  • Purging
  • Vaping technique

Using the right battery

The battery is probably one of the most important parts in any device, a strong battery means more power and more power allows you to vaporise e-liquid at a much faster rate. It is important to state that more power doesn’t translate into more vapour, it simply means that you will be able to inhale vapour faster. This results in more vapour being drawn from one inhale. Although cloud chasing can be fun, it is risky to attempt it if you do not know what you are doing. Be safe and learn the essentials first before you try sub ohm vaping.

Using the right coils

When it comes to cloud chasing, you don’t only need a strong battery but suitable coils, with the right material and resistance. Batteries and coils work hand-in-hand, you can’t talk about the importance of one without mentioning the other. When it comes to cloud chasing and coils, you need to think of three things:

  1. Cleanliness of your coils

Having clean coils is something that is often overlooked by both beginners and advanced vapers. Your coils do a lot of work and, naturally, over time e-liquid residue will begin to build up in and around your coils. This build up can contribute to you not producing those massive clouds you want to see and putting a dampener on your entire experience. Make sure that you regularly clean your coils, whether you are into cloud chasing or not.

  1. The number of coils

The more coils you have, the better. This enables you to vaporise more e-liquid, which means bigger clouds! Consider devices that have dual or triple coils.

  1. The coil resistance

Low resistance is where you want to be. Low resistance coils heat up faster, which results in bigger clouds. Opt for coils that have a resistance of less than 1.0 Ω for those massive clouds. For those thick, dense clouds, you need coils with low resistance. Low resistance coils allow more power to pass through the circuit, which enables you to draw more vapour from a single inhale. The best coils to invest in for an out of this world cloud chasing experience are:

  • Staple coils
  • Fused Clapton coils
  • Twisted coils

Cranking the airflow all the way up

Adjustable airflow revolutionised vaping and cloud chasing as a whole. Most sub ohm devices come with an adjustable airflow setting, crank this all the way up to create bigger, thicker clouds for the ultimate cloud chasing fantasy.

Using the right e-liquid

When it comes to e-liquids, there are literally hundreds of options on the market. Of those options, you want to choose e-liquids that have a high vegetable glycerine (VG) content. Think of VG e-liquid as high-octane fuel that is great for producing those big, thick clouds that will draw everyone’s attention. 

Using the right device

An artist is only as good as their instrument. For cloud chasers, their device is their instrument. As stated in the beginning, sub ohm devices are non-negotiable! However, not all sub ohm devices are made equally. If you want to be a cloud chaser, take time and research different devices to see what’s out there. Read reviews and ask around before purchasing a device to ensure that you are getting the right device for you.


Purging is a neat trick that is used in cloud chasing to heat the coils up faster by exhaling into the vape before inhaling. This forced air over the coils primes them to produce bigger clouds. Purging can be tricky and needs some experience with the device, you want to angle the airflow holes (which should be completely open) away from your face as purging will release hot air and vapour that will be less than pleasant. We recommend you not purge unless you’re an experienced chaser or until you are comfortable with your device.

Vaping technique

Fast and forceful draws are essential to creating the big clouds. The trifecta of unrestricted airflow, speed and forcefulness of the draw will significantly increase your cloud production. Your posture can also help in creating bigger clouds. Here is a quick guide to aligning your posture for optimal performance:

6-step guide to improve your vaping technique

  1. Exhale and completely empty your lungs
  2. Lean forward to expel any excess air in the lungs
  3. Without inhaling, blow whatever air you have left into your device, this aims to increase the vapour production when you inhale (remember to ensure the open airflow holes are facing away from your face)
  4. Now quickly and forcefully inhale for as long as you can while straighten your back to open up your lungs and allow for more vapour
  5. Then steadily exhale while pushing your jaw out slightly to open up your throat and allow for vapour to escape freely (this step will take some practice, so be patience with yourself)
  6. When you feel like you’re almost out of air, tighten your lips to release a powerful burst of air, which will explode the vapour into a large cloud

Producing big, dense clouds takes practice. Cloud chasing is about using all of your resources optimally, from the device and its exquisite engineering to your posture and technique. The best cloud chasers have found a way to make these things co-exist in their own unique ways to produce these incredible clouds of vapour that could rival any fog machine. 

With that being said, cloud chasing can get dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Cloud chasing pushes the battery and a few other components in the device to their limits, so you need to know which batteries are suitable for your style of vaping and which could potentially explode, the lifespan of your coils and other indicators that could end badly if ignored.


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