Managing Spitback: Strategies For Preventing E-Liquid Spitting In Vaping

If you are a vaping enthusiast, you have probably experienced spitting, leaking, or popping from your vaping device. However, these issues can be prevented and fixed. Whether you prefer using a vape tank, rebuildable atomiser, or pod vape, our tips will ensure a smooth vaping experience without the unpleasant feeling of spitting e-liquid.

What Does E-Liquid Spitting Mean?

E-liquid spitting is when hot droplets of e-liquid shoot through your mouthpiece and into your mouth when vaping. This can happen with any type of vaping device, usually while you are in the middle of inhaling. You will usually hear popping sounds along with the harsh taste of pure e-liquid. These droplets usually spit all over, but you will most definitely notice them once they shoot up into your mouthpiece.

What Causes E-Liquid Spitting?

E-liquid spitting usually happens when there is too much e-liquid pooled up in the coil. The e-liquid gets cooked or boiled instead of vaporising, popping and bubbling like water and making it easy for you to inhale some of the droplets. The issue is mostly linked to flooded coils. E-liquid spitting is not dangerous, but it is very unpleasant. If it happens often, the e-liquid can make you feel nauseous and it can damage your tank. Therefore, it is best to try and prevent e-liquid spitting.

How To Prevent E-Liquid Spitting

There are a few tips and tricks you can implement to prevent e-liquid spitting and ensure a smoother vaping experience. Some of these tips and tricks include:

  • Flicking the tank
  • Removing excess liquid
  • Firing your battery before inhaling
  • Reducing your airflow
  • Turning up your power
  • Not overpriming your coil
  • Using e-liquids with higher VG levels
  • Covering your mouthpiece
  • Pulsing the fire button
  • Cleaning the chimney
  • Avoiding exotic coils

Flicking The Tank

Give your vape tank a few short and sharp flicks downward to remove some of the extra e-liquid in the centre of your coil. Be sure to do this over some tissues or a sink to avoid spilling because the excess liquid will come flying out of the mouthpiece.

You can also do this whenever you freshly fill your tank or when you are using a new coil for the first time as this will keep your coil clear and ready to use.

Removing Excess Liquid

Vapour that has not been inhaled will start to condense and turn back into e-liquid. This can happen in the mouthpiece or the centre post of your tank. It will go down the post and into the middle of the vape coil. To keep this from happening, roll up a small piece of tissue paper and poke it down the middle post of your tank to get rid of any extra e-liquid.

Firing Your Battery Before Inhaling

This tip goes along with the flicking tip mentioned previously. Hold down the button on your device to fire it, but don’t inhale. Do this a few times, each time for a few seconds, until you do not hear any more popping. This will turn the extra liquid into vapour without the risk of breathing in spitback.

Reducing Your Airflow

There are times when taking long, deep breaths can pull more e-liquid into the coil than it can handle. This can also happen if you like an open airflow. If you like to take longer inhales, you can switch to a Direct-To-Lung (DTL) coil. Taking smaller inhales will also help. You can also partially block the flow of air, but don’t start taking bigger breaths to make up for it.

Turning Up Your Power

If you fire the vape coil at a lower power setting than it was made for, it will have a hard time vaporising the e-liquid properly. Increasing the power will make the coil work better, but be careful not to go too far, or your vape coil will catch fire. Increase the power little by little until you get the best results.

Avoiding Over Priming Your Coil

Putting a few drops of e-liquid right into the middle of a brand-new coil is called priming. This helps to soak the wicking material quickly and completely, which keeps your coil from going dry. However, there is a chance that you will add too much liquid at once. 

Keep an eye on the wicking material through the holes on the side of the vape coil and add one drop at a time. As soon as the cotton starts to get darker, you have added enough e-liquid. Simply let your coil soak for 5-10 minutes before you start vaping to let it prime properly.

Using E-liquids With Higher VG Levels

E-liquids with a higher VG concentration have a thicker consistency, so it takes longer for them to soak into your coil’s wick. High-PG e-liquids have a thinner consistency and soak into your coil at a faster rate, which makes it more likely for your coil to soak up too much liquid and spit.

Covering Your Mouthpiece

Some innovative vapers have found that putting a pipe screen over the base of their mouthpiece stops spitback. Pipe screens have a fine mesh that is small enough to fit under the mouthpiece. It lets vapour pass through, but stops bigger droplets of e-liquid from going any further.

Pulsing The Fire Button

Just press the fire button a few times before you inhale from the mouthpiece if you’ve primed or dripped too much. The popping sounds should go away, leaving behind the plain hum of vaporisation. You do not have to worry about e-liquid spitting at this point.

Avoiding Exotic Coils

This is mostly applicable for rebuildables. Because of how they are made, multi-strand coils often pop and spit. This is a problem that twisted coils are known to cause, but Clapton coils may have the same problem. If you really want to avoid spitback, the easiest thing to do is to use simple round wire instead.

In the world of vaping, it is sometimes necessary to fix problems so that everything runs smoothly for the best experience. Leaking, spitback, and hot pops can be caused by a lot of different things, but they are easy to avoid.Try out the simple fixes first, and if they don’t work, have a look at some of the other possible options. You might need a whole new tank or device if nothing else works.

It is also good to know that companies are becoming aware of these common issues. More and more devices are being made to stop e-liquid spitting and leakages, allowing us to enter a new era of vaping. As technology keeps getting better, issues like these may soon be a thing of the past. Between now and then, do not let these problems stop you from having a better alternative to smoking.

Managing Spitback: Strategies For Preventing E-Liquid Spitting In Vaping

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