Vaperite’s New BURZT Vape Juice

The time is officially here – Vaperite has decided to formulate a brand new perfect blend of e-liquids! Our carefully crafted selection of BURZT vape juice is sure to satisfy any vaper with its icy fruit-inspired flavours designed to make that summer feeling all year round. Our formulas are top-notch and high-quality, ensuring that you have a safe and enjoyable vaping experience with every single puff.

E-Liquids That Go The Extra Mile

As connoisseurs of e-liquids and all things vape related, we have taken all the greatest aspects of the best e-liquids and combined them into our perfect blend. Each fruity flavour perfectly enhances the taste of its counterpart, making for an astoundingly good combination in each case. We have really gone all out with our selection to create the best possible vaping experience tailored for fruity, sweet flavour enthusiasts!

New Sweetener Formula

With a new sweetener formula, our e-liquids bring out the true sweetness of fruity flavours while maintaining the slightly sour, tarty, and tangy hints that occur naturally. These flavours automatically start to enhance each other and will allow you to enjoy the full flavour profile experience of each blend.

Not only does this new formula bring out the best in our fruity combinations, but it also ensures that the flavour does not start to weaken as you keep vaping. This allows you to enjoy bursts of fruity flavour explosions with each and every puff.

An Extra Fruity Range

Let’s face it, life isn’t quite the same without fruity flavours. The sweet, fresh, and raw flavour notes are simply part of what summer is all about. Our range is based entirely on fruit blends to give you that perfect taste of summer in all aspects to really encapsulate the energy of the season all year round.

Extra Icy Vibes

In order to fit the dreamy summer vibe all year long, our e-liquids are refreshingly icy – the perfect way to inhale some cool vapour on any given day. We have really embraced the positive vibes of summer and added a nice chill to beat the heat. Stay icy with our delectable blend of cool fruit flavours. 

Dual Fruity Flavours

We have utilised the best flavour notes of a selection of fruits to create mixtures that compliment each other perfectly. Each fruity combination perfectly matches each other’s flavour notes, making for a superb and exciting flavour profile. There is nothing simple about these blends, it’s all about creative mixing for a refreshingly new flavour experience. 

Nicotine Strength Options

Our brand has a variety of different nicotine strengths to satisfy any user’s taste. Our e-liquids are available in the following nicotine strengths:

  • 0 mg
  • 3 mg
  • 6 mg
  • 12 mg
  • 20 mg 
  • 35 mg

This is the perfect range for users who want to switch from disposables to long term vaping devices, as the range is much sweeter and icier. The 20 mg nicotine strength is equivalent to a 2% disposable vape, while the 35 mg nicotine strength is equivalent to a 3.5% disposable vape. Therefore, you can easily go from disposable vapes to a sweet, icy range with the same nicotine contents.

The Perfect Selection Of Flavours

Of course, we had to bring out the big guns when it comes to our flavour selection. These flavours scream summertime refresher with icy, and fruity blends, making them a perfect reminder of summer days. Our delectable range of flavours include:

  • Watermelon Grape
  • Cherry Berry
  • Blueberry Raspberry
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Black Currant Litchi

Our e-liquid bottles also have a scodix coating to give it a comfortable hand-feel to optimise the whole experience.

Watermelon Grape

Watermelon is well known for its triad of flavour notes – predominantly sweet, slightly bitter, and a tinge of sour. The hints of sour and bitter make the pure sweetness of the fruit more manageable, and that is exactly what we have utilised for this unique blend. 

Add in the sweet and slightly tart components of red grapes, and you get an ultimately sweet blend with a hint of sour tart to smooth out the flavour experience. Enjoy this refreshingly icy summer blend – just as good as the memory of chilling with a nice cool drink by the pool.

Cherry Berry

If there was a taste associated with the word “red”, this e-liquid flavour would match the description to a T! We have brought the “berry” family in – blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries – and combined those with the classic cherry flavour. This sweet and slightly sour blend is sure to make your taste buds tingle with curiosity. 

The combination of cherries and a variety of berries create a flavour akin to sweets and candy, making it extra difficult to resist. 

Blueberry Raspberry

Sweet and sour is a classic flavour, and this blueberry raspberry mix is a perfect example of this beloved combination. Raspberries have a sweet flavour profile, while blueberries add that hint of sour to the blend. 

Since both of these fruits are absolutely packed with flavour, you can expect a satisfying berry blast with each hit. Want to grab a froyo? Easily reach for your Blueberry Raspberry vape instead, you won’t be able to taste the difference.

Strawberry Banana

If you like fruity smoothies, you will love our strawberry and banana e-liquid. Sweet and creamy banana with fresh strawberries makes for a delicious combination, similar to classic chewy candies or a refreshing smoothie blend. 

While banana pairs great with most fruits, its combination with strawberries is really where it’s at. This e-liquid is a must-have for all fruit fanatics to embrace the memories of summer – just as radiant as a perfect summer day.

Black Currant Litchi

This exotic flavour blend is the definition of summertime goodness. Send your taste buds on an epic flavour expedition with tart, earthy blackcurrant and sweet, floral litchi notes. 

Not only are juicy litchis perfect for summer, they are also a great flavour addition to the slightly sour flavour notes of blackcurrant. Who knew? This is because litchi is quite an overpowering flavour on its own, and the addition of blackcurrant helps to mute the intensity just enough to fully enjoy the flavour.

This is one of our more complex blends, making it a must-try for any vaping enthusiast to kick off summer vibes with full force. 

We are very proud and incredibly excited to announce our range of e-liquids! We encourage safe vaping, and so we have tailored our formulas to be safe and enjoyable. With the perfect ingredients and sweet flavours, we are sure you will be more than impressed by our brand new, self-made e-liquid selection. Enjoy our new flavours for the perfect summer vibe and beat the heat or reminisce on cooler days with the added iciness.

Vaperite's New BURZT Vape Juice

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