Why are there different types of bongs?

A bong (also called water pipes) is a device used for consuming cannabis. The word bong is derived from the Thai word bong (baung). The word refers to a cylindrical tube, container, or pipe, traditionally made from bamboo. Of course, this type of traditional bong is not something you could easily find today (well, I’m sure if you search hard enough you could find one or instructions on how to make one), so luckily for you, there are plenty of bongs for sale and an almost endless range of options out there on the market.

I would like to remind you that Vaperite and Cannarite do not sell any form of cannabis/marijuana, THC concentrates, or products containing these substances, but only offer products and paraphernalia used to safely consume these substances and responsibly.

Bongs vs Dab Rigs

Bongs and Dab Rigs - Cannarite - Vape South Africa

Bongs and dab rigs are both used to consume cannabis, but they operate in different ways. Usually, bongs are used to consume dried flower material whereas dab rigs are used to consume cannabis concentrates (Dab). 

BongDried Flower is consumed in a bong through combustion. The dried flower is lit with a lighter and the smoke is inhaled.
Dab rigDab rigs make use of heat to vaporize the dab. The concentrated cannabis is placed in the device and is heated. The vapour is then inhaled. 

You would therefore use a different type of device depending on the type of cannabis material you want to consume. 

Key Indicators

The table below shows some key indicators of quality Bongs and Dab Rigs and what you need to be looking for when buying your next Bong or Dab rig:

Quality BongQuality Dab Rig
Quality of the glass (Glass, Borosilicate glass*, Quartz Glass**)Glass Thickness (3mm, 5mm, 9mm)Percolators: Multiple different percolators can be found some have multiple levels – i.e Tree percolators, Drum percolators, Honeycomb percolators.Ice ChamberSolid base i.e Beaker Flat base vs. Flask Round base Quality of the glass (Glass, Borosilicate glass*, Quartz Glass**)Multiple chambers: when vapour passes through multiple chambers it gives you a smoother, more enjoyable experience. Percolators – Different types of percolators can be found.Reclaim: the teardrop section underneath the banger where dab/extract did not vaporize accumulates, to be heated up for another use.

* Borosilicate glass contains silica and boron trioxide as elements when the glass is made. Borosilicate glass is more resistant to thermal shock than common glass. It can therefore withstand temperature differentials of about 165 °C without fracturing and is mostly used in the making of High-Quality Glass Bongs.

** Quartz Glass contains natural quartz crystals of exceptional purity with a SiO2 content of 99.9%. This provides the glass with elasticity, compressive strength and it can withstand high temperatures and extraordinary chemical resistance. This type of glass is mostly used in the making of bong accessories (like Bangers, Bowls, and Dabbing Tools).

Choosing the right Bong or Dab Rig, what are the Options?

As I have already stated, choosing the right Bong or Dab Rig all depends on what type of cannabis material you want to consume.  

What are the different types of bongs and how will I know which type of bong is right for me?

Let’s look at some of the available Bong and Dab Rigs for sale:

Gravity bongs

Gravity Bong - Dr. Greenthumbs x Stundenglass Gravity Hookah

A gravity bong (green), is a device used to consume cannabis (specifically dried flower). It uses two empty bottles or containers to filter (or funnel) smoke through water and then pushes it into your lungs. A gravity bong utilises kinetic motion via cascading water displacement, the opposing airflow, and the natural force of gravity to give you a unique experience.

Cannarite stocks the Stundenglass Gravity Bong, Dr. Greenthumbs x Stundenglass Gravity Hookah and the Cookies x Stundenglass Gravity Hookah. We also stock the entire range of Studenglass accessories.

More information on the Stundenglass Gravity Hookah / Bong can be found in our Blog. The entire range of Studenglass Products and accessories can also be purchased from our site or one of our nationwide stores

Flower bongs

Flower Bongs - Black Leaf – Hanuman – Beaker Bong

One of the more traditional tools used to consume dried flower is a flower Bongs (or water pipe). These bongs are about customisation and personalised style and there are many options and styles available. Cannarite is also the sole distributor of Black leaf South Africa. We stock a huge variety of Bongs to ensure we have the very best to offer. We have something for everyone:

There are way too many options and styles to mention, but you can see all of them on our site or in-store.

Percolator bongs

Blaze – Alchemie – Ice Bong with 10-Arm Percolator - Bongs South Africa

A percolator bong is a type of bong that helps to cool down the smoke you inhale. The cooled-down smoke assists in achieving a smoother hit with less coughing. Percolator bongs come in different shapes and sizes and also different designs. If you are the type of person that finds using a normal bong hard to hit, a percolator bong is just for you!

Percolator Bongs have percolators that swirl the smoke in the water. The smoke, therefore, covers more surface area and provides better cooling. In addition, they filter resin from the smoke, resulting in a smoother throat hit.

You can see our entire range of Percolator bongs on our site or in-store.

Dab rigs

Different types of bongs - Blaze – Recycle Glass Bong - Bongs South Africa

Dabbing bongs or dab rigs (also known as a  concentrate rig) are used to vaporize Dab (cannabis extract such as oil, wax or shatter). The dab is not burned (like in a bong) but evaporated so there is no direct contact with fire. 

A nail sits at the top of the bowl where you place the dab. The nail is the most important part of the dab rig and they are made out of various materials like titanium, glass, or quartz. 

Dab rigs often come with a dome that is used to cover the nail. These domes help to keep the vapor in place so that your concentrate or dab does not escape while you are heating it. 

The dab rig also incorporates a recycler in the bowl that creates a closed-loop for the water and vapor to flow through. 

Head on over to our site to see our range of Dab Rigs for sale.

What is right for me?

Bongs and Dab rigs are much more effective than Joints. You can get the maximum result with smaller cannabis. Still, the type of material you are going to consume is the main driving factor when it comes to choosing a Bong or Dab rig. But, if you are still not sure what to get, head on over to one of our nationwide stores to ask one of our knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful staff members any questions you might still have!


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