VGOD STIG Disposable Vapes

[vc_column_text]VGOD or Vape Group Organized Distribution is a Vape design and manufacturing company that puts art and flavour first. Their line of disposable vapes is chic and stylish, giving you the flavour, hits, and posh disposable vape look that most vaping enthusiasts crave. 

The VGOD STIG Disposable Vapes has everything you’d need as either a new or experienced vape enthusiast. 

These Disposable Saltnic Vapes are available at Vaperite, both online and in-store.
Vaperite sell nicotine related products and Cannarite only sell devices and paraphernalia that make that use of cannabis possible.[/vc_column_text]

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Disposable Salt Nic Vapes

Disposable saltnic vapes pair convenience with enjoyment for a couple of reasons. With a disposable vape, your experience is pre-set for you in that you don’t have to worry about batteries, vape juice, or even how to use the device. 

If you find yourself looking for a top experience, there is no better choice than a disposable vape. Here are the disposable vape STIG devices that VGOD has created to give your vaping experience the ultimate upgrade. [/vc_column_text]

[vc_column_text]Saltnic vapes, like the VGOD STIG Disposable Vapes range, contain nicotine in a chemically complex nature. Nicotine salt is added to vape liquid to ensure a smoother, less irritating effect upon inhalation. With saltnic, which are found in the disposable vapes below, you can expect to get a nicotine hit within around 7 seconds of your first inhalation. 

Disposable Saltnic Vapes are ready to use upon purchase and are sent up to give you a great experience from the first hit, to the last. Each VGOD Disposable Saltnic Vape is equipped with 1.2ml of SaltNic E-Liquid. These flavours can also be purchased separately from Vaperite as saltnic or regular e-liquid for any other devices. 

Click here to view the Vaperite VGOD e-liquid catalog. [/vc_column_text]

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VGOD STIG Disposable Vapes

If you are thinking of investing your time in VGOD STIG Disposable Vapes, here’s a closer look into what you can expect. 


The first most notable perk of the VGOD Stig Disposable Vapes was the battery life. The built-in batteries are powerful enough to last around 300 puffs which translates into an entire day of vaping. If you are used to fewer hits, you could extend the life of your vape for 3 days or more depending on your usage. 


Disposable Saltnic vapes are also known for their nicotine salt content. The VGOD STIG Disposable Vapes originally have a nicotine content of 6% (or 60mg saltnic). Breaking this down a little further, the nicotine content of this percentage is high enough to satisfy a frequent smoker. The nic-salt hit is very smooth and you won’t find it to be too harsh or irritating on your throat or lungs. 


Vapes with a coil are more performance-driven and can be a lot more impressive. However, these VGOD Disposable Vapes do not let you down on the overall flavour and hit experience, despite their disposable nature. After a few hits, you will soon realise that the VGOD STIG Disposable Vapes are even more powerful and impressive than other coil vapes on the market. 

You can get the following VGOD STIG Disposable vapes from Vaperite, either online or in-store:

All of these flavours are available in e-liquids at Vaperite.

Find a Vaperite or Cannarite store near you or order online today![/vc_column_text]


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