Vaping And Recycling: Everything You Need To Know

Along with switching out plastic straws for biodegradable options and making use of reusable bags instead of plastic ones, one unexpected practice that has made a big positive impact on the environment has been transitioning from smoking to vaping.

Not only does the amount of paper it takes to produce the estimated 5.7 trillion cigarettes every year place lots of strain on forests and natural habitats; cigarette butts left in the environment are even more damaging. Since there are so many toxic chemicals in a plastic cigarette filter, a single cigarette bud can contaminate 1000 litres of water. Therefore, just making the switch to vaping already makes a big difference.

How To Recycle Various Vaping Components

While vaping will never be completely waste free, it is the better option for our health and our planet. We will go through all the different components of your vaping device and how you can dispose of them in the most eco-friendly manner possible so you can be fully informed about vaping and recycling.

E-Liquid Bottles

E-liquid bottles are usually made from plastic, although some can be made of glass. If you take a look at the base of your plastic e-liquid bottle, you will notice a small triangle with a number inside, indicating that it is recyclable. This number indicates what type of plastic your e-liquid bottle is made of. 

Make sure that you wash out your e-liquid bottle thoroughly to remove any e-liquid, especially if it contains nicotine. Replace the cap and simply add it to your recycling bin. If you are using a glass e-liquid bottle, you can wash it out and throw the bottle itself in the recycling bin. The pipette needs to go in the regular trash since it is made out of glass, rubber, and plastic that cannot be separated.

Vape Tanks

Vape tanks require a bit more care and maintenance to dispose of. Most vape tanks consist of a combination of a glass case that holds your e-liquid, a resin drip-tip, a coil, and a number of rubber seals and metal to keep everything together. To recycle your vape tank, you will need to disassemble all of these little pieces.

Drip tops are much too small to be picked up by recycling machines, so they need to go in the trash along with all the small rubber seals. When it comes to the glass tank itself, they are usually made of pyrex. This is a different type of glass than what glass jars or bottles are usually made of, so they also need to go in the trash.

The metal parts of your tank cannot go directly in the trash, but you can take it to your local scrap yard to be broken down. You can do the same with your coil if you are able to get cotton wicking material out. Remember to clean each piece before you dispose of it.


Vaping devices either have built in batteries or external batteries. If your device has an external battery, you can simply throw them in a battery recycling bin at your local supermarket. However, if you have a device with a built-in battery, you will need to drop it off at a place for e-waste.

Disposable Vapes And Pre-Filled Pods

The most difficult part of recycling vaping equipment emerges when you start talking about disposable vapes and pre-filled pods. These devices/pods are single-use and need to be disposed of once they are empty or run out of battery life. 

Since they are made to be a closed and compact system with no removable parts, it is very difficult to separate them into their base elements, which are usually plastic, metal, and cotton. When you cannot remove the metal coil from the pod, it is classified as a mixed metal product that cannot be recycled. 

Luckily, many companies that manufacture disposable vapes and pre-filled pods have also brought out their own waste disposal systems. Many stores that sell vaping products have plastic containers where you can dispose of these products, making the process less of a hassle and eco-friendly.

How To Reduce The Impact Your Vaping Has On The Environment

While there are still many advancements we can make in how to better dispose of vaping components, there are a few things you can do to make your device last longer and to create less waste. Even the small purchases you make matter, and small tweaks in the way you think about vaping can go a long way.

  • Buy bigger bottles of e-liquid: This is a great option, especially if you are a sub-ohm vaper. By buying a larger bottle of e-liquid instead of buying smaller ones more frequently saves you an extra trip to the store while minimising the amount of plastic waste you will need to sort and recycle.
  • Use Nic Salts for MTL vaping: If you are a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaper, Nic Salts are a great option to explore in general. These e-liquids are available in many different nicotine strengths and have the ability to deliver nicotine more rapidly. This usually means that you will be satisfied with your nicotine levels for longer, leading to less e-liquid consumption and, along with a bigger e-liquid bottle, less plastic waste to recycle.
  • Invest in a reusable, rechargeable device: Disposable vapes and replaceable pods are great for beginner vapers to get the feel of vaping or for trying out new flavours in general, but they are very expensive to use in the long term and highly harmful to the environment. Deciding to invest in a reusable and rechargeable device is one of the best ways to reduce vaping waste in the long term. 
  • Methods to preserve your coil life: Having to replace coils can also significantly contribute to vaping waste. One option is to use e-liquids that are less sweet as they will burn your coils faster. Another option is to vape at a lower wattage level since your coil will not constantly burn at such a high temperature.

Vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking and a much more eco-friendly way to satisfy your nicotine cravings if you follow the correct disposal methods. If you want to maximise your sustainable habits while minimising your vaping expenses, you should invest in a reusable and rechargeable vaping device. Enjoy the vaping experience while keeping our planet green!

Vaping And Recycling: Everything You Need To Know

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