The New Voopoo Drag 4 MOD Kit

Vaperite has brought the latest device in the Voopoo Drag series to South Africa – the new Voopoo Drag 4 MOD Kit. Being the newest device in the Drag series, you can already be assured of this device’s efficiency and reliability, but there are some new adjustments and features that truly make the Voopoo Drag 4 MOD Kit stand out above the rest.

What Makes The Drag 4 MOD Kit Unique?

Voopoo has taken it upon themselves to take all the comments users have been leaving on the Drag range into consideration. They have utilised the input from the vaping community and adjusted their designs and features to better suit user’s needs.

The Drag 4 MOD Kit has a brand new C-frame structure and comes with Voopoo’s latest Uforce-L sub-ohm tank that is compatible with PNP coils. All these features and more have led to a unique device that exceeds expectations.

What’s In My Package?

The Voopoo Drag 4 MOD Kit contains the following items:

  • Drag 4 Mod (18 650 cells not included)
  • Brand new Uforce-L Tank with straight glass (4 ml capacity)
  • Spare UFORCE-L Tank Bubble Glass (increases capacity to 5.5 ml)
  • A PNP-TW20 0.20 Ω coil
  • A PNP-TW15 0.15 Ω coil
  • USB type C charging cable
  • Bag of spares (contains o-rings and a silicone seal)
  • User manual and a warning card

Additional Specifications

  • Uforce-L tank compatibility: all PnP coils, including the RBA
  • Top-filling
  • Top to bottom airflow
  • Voopoo Gene.TT 2.0 chipset with multiple modes (TC, Smart, RBA, Eco)
  • Reads 0.05 Ω to 3.0 Ω resistances
  • 5 – 177 Watts with 1 Watt increment adjustments
  • Button-firing exclusively
  • Output voltage of 3.2 volts to 8.4 volts
  • 3 A fast charging via USB type-C

Easy Controls

Operating your device is super easy with the following controls:

  • Turn the device on or off with 5 clicks
  • Pressing the up and down button simultaneously will give you access to the menu, where you can choose the device’s mode of operation:
  • Smart – Ni200
  • Eco – Ti
  • RBA – SS316
  • TC – SS430
  • Pressing the up and down button simultaneously will allow you to:
  • Customize the multi-function switch
  • Reset the puff counter
  • Change the display colour (yellow, green, classic, purple, or pink)
  • Adjust temperature or wattage with the up or down buttons
  • Use the fire button to select a menu option or to vape

A Brand New C-Frame

The Drag 4 is made with a brand new C-frame, which means that you won’t have to worry about spring-loaded doors breaking over time. Now, the panel works with magnets that secure the batteries inside the device. This makes the Drag 4 MOD kit even more durable.

Ergonomics And Aesthetics

The device has smooth lines and curves, giving it a great hand feel. The leather and wood finish work together to add a variation in texture along with the metal body. The logo design is a little more low-key, giving the device a classic look.

The top platform is made to accommodate atomizers up to 25 mm in diameter. The battery compartment comes with a printed warning label and a ribbon with which you can remove the batteries – super beginner-friendly.

The device comes in the following dashing colour designs:

  • Ocean Blue
  • Forest Green
  • Tropical Orange
  • Pale Gold
  • Walnut

LED Display

You will find a 2.54 cm coloured display screen. This screen displays vaping data such as battery life, voltage, power level, selected mode, and a 5-digit puff counter. Anytime you use the up and down switches, your screen will also display the different options for whatever you wish to change. 

Smart Vs. RBA Vs. Eco Mode

  • When switching your device to Smart mode, the maximum power to the coil will be limited based on its resistance as a way to make your coils last longer and increase device safety
  • RBA mode will not limit power input or output and allows you to adjust device power as you wish
  • Eco-mode can be used to extend the battery life of your device by increasing vaping puffs by about 10%

Great Battery Life And Fast Charging

The Voopoo Drag 4 MOD doesn’t drain battery life, making it a very long-lasting device. With 3 A charging, it is super quick and easy to charge your device. The display screen also shows an animation including the battery percentage. 

Uforce-L Tank And PnP TW Coils

Although this mod’s tank may look like many other sub-ohm tanks on the market, this one has quite a kick to it. In combination with PnP TW15 and PnP TW20 coils, you will experience warm vapour, dense clouds, and impressive flavour profiles.

The coils also have a very long lifespan. You can go through around 30 ml of e-liquids without having to worry about replacing the coils (as long as they are primed properly).

The top cap of the tank has a good grip, making it easy to open with a 45° turn. The tank is kept leak-proof with a sealing gasket in the fill holes. Disassembling the device is also very easy, so cleaning and maintenance is no issue. 

The airflow ring has three lined areas that can expose or close the holes for different airflow settings. This essentially makes the airflow smoother by breaking it up somewhat.

To install or remove your coils, simply push or pull it from the bottom of the device. This is because there are spring-loaded coil contacts unthreaded from the atomizer itself. 

All in all, the Voopoo Drag 4 MOD Kit has an easy set-up and operation that allows the device to kick out amazing flavour and dense clouds with the PnP dual-in-one coils. The C-frame adds durability, the Uforce-L tank is fully leakproof, and the device is ideal for those new to sub-ohm vaping as it delivers stunning performance in a user-friendly design. 

Be sure to check out Vaperite for more of the latest devices, e-liquids, informative articles, and vaping accessories. We encourage safe vaping and only provide users with the very best products to fully enjoy every vape sesh. Take your vaping experience to the next level with Vaperite, your go-to store for all the vaping necessities and add-ons you could possibly need.

The New Voopoo Drag 4 MOD Kit

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