The New Uwell Caliburn AK3 Pod System

Vaperite is introducing the latest device from Uwell Caliburn: the AK3 Pod System. With new technology and design advancements, this device stands out above previous Caliburn A Pod Systems. This small and compact device provides complex flavour profiles through MTL vaping and impressive power for its size. 

Introducing The Uwell Caliburn AK3 Pod System

Featuring an internal rechargeable battery of 520 mAh, the device is built to last. The USB-C charging cable allows for a much quicker charge rate than previous micro-USB chargers. With a 1.0 Ω MTL pod activates by drawing or by using the button activation feature. The top-fill pod has a capacity of 2 ml, which is impressive for the device’s small size.

All of these features improve the overall longevity, quality, and especially the performance of the new Uwell Caliburn AK3 Pod System. This device is a must-try for vaping enthusiasts and beginners alike, delivering a perfect MTL experience.

Ultimate Portability

Not only is the AK3 equipped with a sleek and comfortable design, it also includes a lanyard, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing your device. Slip the AK3 into your pocket or keep it safely around your neck as a fashion accessory.

Easily Check Your E-Liquid Levels

The e-liquid check window provides users with an easy way to check e-liquid levels without removing the pod from the device. The pod also includes a minimum line so that you know exactly when you are in need of a refill.

Pro-FOCS Technology And Improved Flavour Delivery

With Uwell’s patented Pro-FOCS technology, the flavour of your e-liquids will be restored with each hit. Experience pure and authentic flavour profiles with this pocket-sized mod device. With its fixed power output, each hit will deliver the same quality, even if the device is close to needing a charge.

The built-in mesh coils also ensure that your e-liquid is heated up at a faster rate for the best flavour profiles. Experience the full flavour profiles of your favourite e-liquids with every hit.

Ultimate Design Quality And Elegance

The AK3 is designed with an emphasis on ergonomics. The device is portable and features a curved profile that fits comfortably in the hand. The mouthpiece is also curved to fit the design and provide a great surface for the lips with every puff.

The LED indicator on the side of the device lights up with the Caliburn logo on each draw, keeping you in the loop regarding your device status:

  • Green – 60% to 100% battery life
  • Blue – 30% to 60% battery life
  • Red – Less than 30% battery life remaining

The device has a great feature where there is a series of colourful flashes from the LED Display after each drag. Although having this display is an awesome feature, you are able to shut it off while only having the battery indicator flash whilst taking a drag. This way, you can stay updated on the battery percentage while preserving the battery.

The Uwell Caliburn AK3 Pod System is available in the following colours:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Silver

Superb Battery Life And Fast Charging

With the Uwell Caliburn AK3 Pod System, you will be able to refill your pod at least three times before your device needs a charge. On top of that, the compact device takes only 15 minutes to charge, allowing you to get back to vaping in no time.

Leak Proof And Secure

Uwell Caliburn AK3 pods are made with anti-leakage technology, ensuring that your device will not spit liquid as you draw. Utilizing a top-filling system, you can fill your device without worrying about any spillage. The pods also click in with a magnetic plate, ensuring that they stay in place.

Beginner-Friendly Design

The Uwell Caliburn AK3 is draw-activated, so there is no need to worry about extra buttons or settings. This device is also perfect for those who are looking to quit smoking and take up vaping instead, as it delivers an MTL hit that mimics the smoking experience more closely. This makes the device great for stealth vaping as well, as it produces less vapour.

There is also no need to worry about removing and replacing coils; simply remove and replace the entire pod. Along with its compact design, this Uwell Caliburn AK3 is easy to use and a great starter device.

Device Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 67.5 mm x 44.1 mm x 12 mm
  • Wattage Range: 13 Watts
  • Battery Capacity: 520 mAh
  • Charging: Type-C USB Port
  • Resistance Range: 1.0 Ω
  • Chassis Material: Aluminum-Alloy
  • Operation: Dual-Activation, Button or Draw 
  • Pod Series: All Caliburn A3 Pods
  • Fill System: Top Filling System
  • Pod Connection: Magnetic
  • Pod Material: PCTG
  • Pod Capacity: 2 ml

What Is Included In My Kit?

The Uwell Caliburn AK3 Pod Kit includes:

  • Caliburn AK3 device
  • 2x 1.0 Ω Caliburn A3 pods (one pre-installed and one spare) 
  • Silicone lanyard
  • User Manual

Pros And Cons Of The Uwell Caliburn AK3 Pod System


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Fast charging system
  • Delivers full flavour profiles
  • Leak-proof technology and easy filling
  • Premium and ergonomic design quality and feel
  • Compact pod device
  • Comfortable weight and size
  • Great build quality
  • Battery indication
  • Stunning presentation and aesthetics
  • Improved flavour quality and overall device performance
  • Great pod life (up to three refills)
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • No option to change device settings
  • Only supports MTL vaping
  • Not compatible with freebase liquids

The new Uwell Caliburn AK3 Pod System is equipped with the newest technology and advancements in the A series, making it one of the top pod devices out on the market. With an overall improvement on all aspects of device performance and durability, you will be in for full flavour profiles, high quality hits, and an overall superb vaping experience. The device is perfect for long-time vapers and beginners alike, making it a worthwhile purchase.
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