Storz and Bickel’s new products available at Cannarite

New and improved – in every way imaginable. 

In this article, we’ll cover 3 new vaporizers released by Storz & Bickel, and which could be best suited for you. 

We also dive into some specifics on improvements and differences between the base models of each vaporizer – based on your style, you might not even have to upgrade!

Storz & Bickel is notoriously known for its quality materials and expert craftsmanship – and they’ve delivered once again. 

Volcano Hybrid

“The reinvention of an icon”

The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer comes with all the handy features of the classic Volcano with a few extra punches.

They look very similar, but one difference you should know of right off the bat is the more precise temperature settings on the Hybrid. Other than that, we still have a very aesthetically pleasing tabletop vaporizer.

Inhalation – It’s called a hybrid for a reason. Now improved upon the classic Volcano with an additional, handy and user-friendly                                                                                 tube system, it’s made a little more discreet than the classic valve balloon inhalation method present in the classic version. It has a flat mouthpiece and perfectly swivels atop, making it great for sharing. 

On the other hand, the valve balloon can seem overwhelming or be underestimated at times, making the whip tube a welcome addition to your inhalation methods. Pick and choose between the two based on your scenario and preference!

Heating – Arguably one of the most sought after qualities – a vaporizer that heats up to max in about the time it takes you to prepare your filling chamber. It boasts a heat-up time of less than 2 minutes, in comparison to the Classic Volcano’s 6 minutes or longer.

Operation – To add some finesse to your vaping experience, you can enjoy hassle-free touch buttons on a slick and ingenious display. 

The days of manually bickering your vaporizer is a thing of the past; you can now control your device from the Storz & Bickel App for Android – from temperature to air settings, it’s all at your fingertips. This is especially handy for large groups of people or even when you’re in another room; if you could prep it while making your coffee in the kitchen, why not?


  • Super-fast heating process: 1-2 minutes
  • Inhalation through whip tube kit or valve balloon
  • Large display for control panels via touch button
  • Can be controlled by the S&B App for Android
  • Highest quality materials
  • Long service life guaranteed by workmanship of the kind you are accustomed to from Storz & Bickel.
  • Suitable for dry herb

Please note: The S&B App is currently not available for iOS and Apple devices. However, settings on the VOLCANO HYBRID can also be adjusted through the WebApp.

Classic Volcano vs: Volcano Hybrid

The differences in these two siblings are real, and so is the price tag. Its superb flavour delivery and time-tested design makes it a favourite among many.

Travel back in time; 20 years to the past. Storz & Bickel’s first release. Since then, they’ve learnt a lot. Their pursuit to create the ultimate medicinal cannabis vaporizer led them to the refined heating system we see in the hybrid today.  

The Volcano Hybrid is a perfect device if you’re someone who enjoys dry herbs for relief and prefer something that’s totally aesthetic and user friendly. 

If you’re a heavy vaporist, you’ll appreciate the extra “oomf” and lightning speed of the Volcano Hybrid in comparison to the classic Volcano.


Classic Volcano

  • Valve Balloon Inhalation
  • 130 – 230° C
  • Heating: Up to 6 min
  • More durable – analog controls
  • Connected power cable
  • Less expensive

Volcano Hybrid

  • Valve Balloon + Tube Inhalation
  • 40 – 230 ° C
  • Heating: Under 2 min
  • Less durable – touch controls
  • Removable power cable
  • More expensive

Both devices come with the same accessories: An easy Valve Balloon system, air filter set, stainless steel extract pad, cleaning brush, a grinder and much more.

The Volcano Hybrid’s whip (tube kit) is the only exception from these included accessories. 

Mighty Plus

“Better, faster, stronger.” 

Right out of the box, you won’t see much difference in appearance between the Mighty and the Mighty Plus – you’ll need to thoroughly inspect to notice any differences in physical appearance. 

The most obvious point – the Mighty Plus has a C-port for charging whereas the Classic Mighty has the standard DC port. 

The Classic Mighty & the Mighty Plus are largely the same in most cases like airflow, design, vapour quality and battery life – however the Mighty plus does have a few advantages that justifies its slightly higher price tag. 

Mighty Vs: Mighty Plus

Temperature: Both devices offer similar precision temperature control and feature set, with the Mighty Plus adding a “Superboost” function that gives a final kick to an almost fully extracted herb in the chamber to deliver a more fully toasted hit than the Classic Mighty. 

Vapour Quality: The free-flowing airflow system that put the Mighty on the map is consistent in the Mighty Plus, with only a single further difference between the two.

The Mighty Plus has an all new ceramic layer on the inside of the herb chamber that makes it slightly easier to clean.

Vapour quality and flavour are pretty much on par between both devices. 

Battery: The original Mighty had a decent enough battery to exclude the need for upgrade, and are still largely the same between both devices. 

The Mighty Plus does however have the upper hand on USB-C charging which allows it to charge in record time as well as providing more flexibility when connecting to a power source. USB-C charging can have your device up to 80% in just 40 minutes – provided you have a 45 watt power supply. 

Both device’s batteries support a bypass charging mode, which means a completely drained battery won’t necessarily delay you from your next vaping session. You could charge your device while in use and instead of the device drawing power from the vaporizer, the device will completely bypass the batteries and will draw power directly from the power source. 

Portability: Given the fact that both devices weigh in at just under 230 grams, the Mighty series aren’t really the outdoor vaping connoisseur’s choice. 

In terms of charging on the go, the Mighty Plus has a clear advantage due to its USB-C type charging port, whereas the Classic Mighty needs a physical power outlet to charge. It really boils down to power source portability – so if you have something like a power bank, the Mighty Plus can indeed be used as a portable dry herb vaporizer.

When it comes to size, both devices are about as large as your hand. Unless you’re rocking baggy swag pants or have a carry-on, both the Mighty and Mighty Plus vaporizers will be too bulky to comfortably carry on your person. 

Materials & Design: Both devices look pretty similar right off the bat, with not much difference in physical appearance. Both devices are made from the same medical grade plastics that provide a durable, workhorse of a frame – practical for the common cannabis-consumer.

Both the Mighty and the Mighty Plus have a finned exterior that does an excellent job of keeping heat away from the user’s hands.

If you really want to get down into finer details, the Mighty Plus does have slightly wider grooves that make it easier to clean whenever necessary, with the added feature of two fins at the bottom of the device that increases stability when placing it on a flat surface when cleaning, preparing your session or storing the device. 

Ease of use: Both devices have the same user-friendly design for easy vaping, at home or on the go. If you prefer vaping dry herb straight out of the bowl without using the provided and optional dosing capsules, the Mighty Plus would be your better option. Its internal ceramic layer proves easier to clean, as grime and residue has a lower tendency to stick to it. 

Discreetness: Both devices are quite massive for a hand-held, and neither have the quality of discreteness on their side. 

They’re basically impossible to conceal in a single hand, so you can forget about using these in public without attracting attention. 

It’s bulky size pays off in terms of hard-hitting performance and a lot of visible vapour, as most cannabis connoisseurs love. 

Crafty Plus

If you’re an avid cannabis consumer looking for the perfect device for dry herb vaping on the go, the Crafty Plus vaporizer is the one for you.  

It combines performance and portability – enabling you to enjoy powerful hits and flavourful vapour with previously unprecedented charging speed.

A durable yet stylish design creates the perfect companion for the adventurous.

  • One-button control
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Personalised app settings

Crafty vs: Crafty Plus

Improving upon the classic Crafty, the Crafty Plus vaporizer is set for USB-C charging for a 25-minute faster charge time, around 4 extra sessions when fully charged. 

The device also has a few design tweaks that make it slightly more comfortable to hold while vaping. 

It is also worth noting that although the original crafty had good flavour delivery, the Crafty Plus ups the game even more in terms of smoothness and taste.

The Crafty Plus also boasts a MAX mode in addition to the Boost temperature setting.



  • Super Durable
  • 2 Hours charge time
  • 40 – 210 °C
  • Fall resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile App enabled
  • Boost Mode

Crafty Plus

  • Super durable
  • 1H 15 Min charge time
  • 40 – 210 °C
  • Super efficient with concentrates
  • Fall resistant
  • Easy to use 
  • Mobile App enabled
  • Boost + MAX modes

The Crafty Plus is a revised version of the Original, improving on smaller details and adding a little speed to the device. Generally, there isn’t much difference in physical appearance. 

Both work with Hybrid heating (air + direct contact) and combine both methods to  make the most out of your flower. 

Because of the Hybrid heating, both Crafty models are good to use for dry herb & concentrates. Some even say the tweak in design for the Crafty Plus deals benefits for an even greater hybrid-heating experience.  

In terms of portability – both devices are small enough to carry in your pocket or in a carry-on bag. The original crafty was quite literally designed as a more discrete version of the Mighty – thanks to the Mighty’s size not allowing it a 5 star score for portability. Vaperite stocks a seal ring set for the Crafty Plus and for those who are still rocking the classic Crafty, the wear and tear set will have your device looking as good as new in no-time.


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