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Vape Wire types like Kanthal, stainless steel, nichrome, nickel and titanium are the five types of vape wire used for coil building.

Nickel and titanium are considered more advanced and are only usable in temperature control mode. Kanthal, stainless steel and nichrome are more user friendly and appropriate for all levels of experience.

Vape Creations Ni80 is an 80% chromium and 20% nickel alloy. Ni80 is less common than kanthal or stainless steel wire but it’s recently been seeing increased use for its clean flavor and fast ramp-up times.

It’s also easy to work with and holds its shape nicely. Nichrome contains a lot of nickel and so it’s prone to melting if you aren’t careful, but as long as you pulse your ni80 coils slowly and at a low temperature you won’t have an issue. Ni80 can only be used in wattage model

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