Our new MTL and Saltnic e-liquids and an exciting announcement!

We launched new Mouth-to-lung (MTL) e-liquid variants in our Straight Up and Boss range on the 6th August 2021! 

Not all vape juices are the same. I’m not just talking about different and exciting flavours, nicotine strengths or e-liquids that contain CBD, I’m talking about Vape juice variants that are suited to your own vaping style. Vaperite offers various e-liquid variants and flavours, uniquely complementing your own Vaping tastes and preferences. 

Vaperite and Cannarite offer a wide variety of e-liquid variants and flavours to suit your own style or preference that include:

Vaperite and Cannarite only stock accessories and paraphernalia that make the use of marijuana possible, but do not sell cannabis or THC in any shape, form or size.

Not all e-Liquids are the same

E-liquid, or vape juice, is essentially a flavoured liquid that is used in e-cigarettes. There are only 4 chemicals used in producing e-liquids as opposed to the chemicals found in a single cigarette (which can contain more than 7000 different chemicals).

E-liquids are made using 4 components:

Freebase / Regular e-liquids

Freebase e-liquids contain nicotine in a purer form compared to Saltnic (which contains benzoic acid that allows for the nicotine to vaporize at lower temperatures). It contains lower nicotine levels than Saltnic e-liquids, but the nicotine becomes more potent the more it gets heated and is therefore suited for high-powered, sub-ohm devices giving you a more powerful throat hit.

These e-liquids vary in nicotine strengths from 0mg (no nicotine) to 6mg concentrates and have a PG/VG ratio of 30% PG, 70% VG. 

Saltnic / Nicotine Salts / Nic Salt e-liquids

Saltnic e-liquids contain much higher nicotine levels and provide a “smoother” vaping experience. This allows you to vape much higher nicotine vape e-liquids without getting the harsh throat hit you may be used to. Saltnic e-liquids are used in low wattage devices and using Saltnic e-liquids in sub-ohm devices should be avoided as this could give you excessive amounts of nicotine and would not be a pleasant or safe vaping experience at all!

Saltnic e-liquid strengths normally vary between 12mg to 50mg concentrates, the PG/VG ratio is usually 50% VG, 50% PG. 

Mouth-to-Lung e-liquids

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) e-liquids is ideal for ex-smokers that just can’t stay away from the traditional combustion cigarettes as the vaping style involves inhaling the vapour into your mouth fist and then into your lungs, similar to the traditional way of smoking a cigarette. This method provides higher nicotine delivery.

MTL e-liquid strengths normally come in 12mg concentrates, the PG/VG ratio is usually 50% VG, 50% PG. 

Freebase vs Saltnic vs MTL e-liquids

The main difference between Freebase, Saltnic and MTL e-liquids lies in the overall vaping experience you want and is dependent on the type of device you are using. 

Here is a comparison between Freebase vs Saltnic vs MTL e-liquids that may help you choose the right e-liquid type that suits you:

Differences Freebase e-liquid Saltnic e-liquid MTL
Nicotine type Pure Nicotine Nicotine Salts Pure Nicotine
Throat hit Strong / Harsh Smooth Smooth
Nicotine absorption Low High High
Device Power High Low Low

Mouth-to-Lung vs Direct-to-Lung vaping styles

There are two types of vaping styles and e-liquids designed for these.


Mouth-to-lung e-liquids are used in a vaping style whereby the vapour is drawn into your mouth first and then inhaled into your lungs, similar to traditional cigarette smoking. Saltnic and MTL e-liquids is best suited for this vaping style.


Direct-to-lung e-liquids are designed around large clouds! This method involves inhaling the vapour directly into your lungs and is similar to the experience when vaping from a bong or a hookah. Freebase e-liquids are best suited for this vaping style.

The new Boss range Saltnic and MTL e-liquid

The Boss range of e-liquids focuses on bold and intriguing flavours, and is considered a Premium, Black label, e-liquid. This range is available in Saltnic, Freebase and MTL and is available in the following flavour profiles:

Caramel Coffee

A bold and aromatic coffee flavoured e-liquid with a dash of rich and smooth caramel. 

Lemon Meringue

Freshly baked, tangy Lemon Meringue tart flavoured e-liquid. 

Signature Tobacco

A rich, earthy and aromatic tobacco flavoured e-liquid.

The new Straight Up range Saltnic and MTL e-liquid

Each one of the flavours in the Straight up range offers something different as you have come to expect from us… The range offers something for everyone from; sweet fruity flavours to cool and refreshing mint flavours. This range is available in Saltnic, Freebase and MTL and is available in the following flavour profiles:


An unmistakable and crispy apple flavored e-liquid. 


A sweet and unmistakably bubblegum flavoured e-liquid.

Cola Ice

A familiar caramel cola e-liquid with a cool refreshing twist.

Energy Drink

The distinct Energy drink flavoured e-liquid that is as refreshing as the real deal.

Litchi Ice 

A sweet and fruity Litchi flavoured e-liquid with a cool and refreshing spin.


A crisp and cooling candy-like flavoured e-liquid.


Fresh and sweet yellow summer peach flavoured e-liquid.

And now, time for an Exciting Announcement!

We are excited to announce a new e-liquid range coming to Vaperite in September 2021, Chilled IcedT! This new summer-themed vape juice range will be available in 4 exciting flavours:

  • Peach IcedT
  • Lemon IcedT
  • Raspberry IcedT
  • Mixed Berry IcedT

Get your summer on with this new and exciting IcedT range!

Whatever your vaping style or flavour preferences are, Vaperite has got you covered. Vaperite and Cannarite offer various vape e-liquid flavours and variants as well as a full range of products, devices and accessories to cater for all your vaping needs.

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