Latest Vape Starter Kits by Voopoo

Voopoo has always encouraged the use of innovative technology to improve the vaping experience. Their devices are not only visually appealing, but they also feature innovative, high-quality technology and excellent functionality. Take charge of your vaping experience with the latest VOOPOO devices at Vaperite!

Voopoo Vinci Q Pod Kit

The Voopoo Vinci series has always had a focus on smart and portable devices. The Vinci Q Pod Kit series has taken these core aspects to another level. The device enhances the visual concert with GENE AI, while still ensuring traditionally big clouds with its adjustable power settings. The Vinci Q Pod Kit allows you to enjoy a device that is compact, safe, and easy to use!

Vinci Q Technology and Specifications

With its unique ITO atomisation, the Vinci Q pod provides a smoother, fuller, and better flavour profile. Experience stellar vaping with the Vinci Q’s modern design and technology:

Auto Dual Vaping Mode

The Vinci Q pod has a button that enables you to ignite your device manually. With its powerful GENE chip tech, you can also simply draw on your vape to activate it. Vapour production starts within milliseconds due to its incredibly sensitive atomiser. Push the button or simply start vaping – the Vinci Q caters to every user’s preferences!

Anti-Leakage Design

Voopoo has, once again, upgraded their leak-proof design. The Vinci Q pod makes use of a top-filling pod with a compact leak-proof structure. Put the days of removing the cartridge to fill your pod behind you! Simply remove the mouthpiece, lift the silicone plug, and fill your pod up with e-liquid. Pop it back into the mouthpiece slot and start vaping away!

Updated Cartridge Design

Vinci Q has a 2ml pod capacity and a full view cartridge. Check your pod volume at any time without having to remove it from the device.

The Vinci Q Pod is compatible with the following cartridges:

  • Vinci Pod Royal edition cartridges
  • Drag Nano 2 cartridges
  • Top-fill Vinci Pod cartridge (mesh 1.2 Ohm and 0.8 Ohm)
  • Side-fill Vinci Pod cartridge (mesh 1.2 Ohm and 0.8 Ohm)

The Top-fill Vinci Pod cartridges are perfect for smooth MTL vaping, while the Side-fill Vinci Pod cartridges provide amazing flavour profiles for MTL. Experience delicate flavours that melt into your taste buds; making each puff just as sensational as the last.

Textured Injection Mould

With a combination of ABS and PC plastic, the Vinci Q Pod has a multi-layered texture with a chic trendy appearance. Its lightweight design also increases portability. With its textured design, the Vinci Q is:

  • Fade resistant
  • Protected against wear and falling
  • Oil-proof, dust-proof, and will not show fingerprint stains

Ultimate Protection

Equipped with a G chip, the Vinci Q Pod provides a much more comfortable and stable vaping experience:

  • 10 second overtime protection
  • Protection against short circuits
  • Overheating protection
  • Over-current protection for output
  • No risk for overcharging

Light Indicator

The Vinci Q button has a built-in light up feature. Each puff creates a light show that also indicates battery power.

  • Green light – Battery > 30%
  • Red light – Battery < 30%     

Powerful Battery

With a 900mAh built-in battery, the Vinci Q can support your vaping habits all day long. The type-C charging port also makes it easy to charge your device at any time.

The Vinci Q Pod also comes with adjustable power between 11W and 15W. It automatically matches the best power mode depending on whether you are using a 1.2 Ohm or 0.8 Ohm cartridge, enhancing the flavour and intensity of your vapour.

Colour Variations
  • Ceramic White
  • Seagull Grey
  • Crystal Blue

Voopoo Drag S Pro Kit

The Voopoo Drag S Pro Kit features a number of improvements to the original Drag S Kit. This is a powerful, compact, and easy to use device that caters to the perfect sub-ohm vaping enthusiast. With its new Gen Fan 3.0 chip, the Drag S Pro has a number of safety features and up to 20% improved performance when compared to earlier models.

Drag S Pro Technology and Specifications

With a wider exploration of details, the Drag S Pro makes use of new technology, design, and craftsmanship:

Sleek Design

While still incorporating the aesthetics of a metal and leather finish, the device now also has an ergonomically round design for a comfortable grip. The device also features a 2.4 cm TFT screen that displays device details.

Switch To Top Performance

The Drag S Pro has a toggle switch which can be used to switch between power settings. The device is set to lock mode for safety purposes. When you use the device for the first time, you will need to press the button five times. Unlock the device by pressing the “+” and “-” simultaneously to get the switch interface setting.

TPP X Pod Technology

The TPP X Pod has a new design, making it the most powerful coil yet of the TPP platform. Enjoy a powerful and professional vaping experience with the upgraded coil design!

  • Comfortable mouth fit
  • Capacity for more puffs
  • Upgraded leakage prevention
  • Balanced flavour and bigger clouds

Easy Filling

The Drag S Pro has an upgraded magnetic pod system for sanitary filling. Simply follow these easy steps to fill your pod:

  1. Press the button on the side of the pod and rotate it to the left
  2. Pull out the silicone plug and inject your e-liquid
  3. Replace the silicone plug and rotate your pod to the right to lock it in
  4. Let your device stand for 5-10 minutes for ultimate saturation and vape away!

Innovative 360° Airflow System

The combination of bottom airflow and a 360° infinite airflow system allows the Drag S Pro to provide precise airflow control and huge clouds. The air holes are designed specifically for the perfect MTL experience with smooth and rich flavour delivery.

Emphasis on Power

With the Drag S Pro, there is no need to worry about power. The output voltage has been increased to 8.5 volts with the Gene Fan 3.0 chip to optimise output and stabilise flavours, even when your battery is low. This has also improved the overall device performance by 20%.

Don’t be fooled by its compact size – the Drag S Pro has a 5 to 80 Watt adjustable power setting. Fire your device to produce stellar flavours and big clouds in milliseconds. Its 3000mAh battery can last for a few days at a time with 5V/2.4A charging whenever you need it.

Choose the Perfect Mode

The Drag S Pro features three different modes – flip between them and decide which one you like best!

  • SMART mode – The best mode for those who are new to the device or vaping in general. It will automatically identify your coil type and match your settings for the best power.
  • RBA mode – With more options, it is better suited for those who are comfortable with the device. You can increase the power and explore more intense vaping.
  • TC mode – The temperature control mode can be downloaded from VOOPOO’s official website.

You can simply press the “+” and “-” buttons to enter your Mode interface setting.

Ensured Safety

The Drag S Pro has seven distinct safety features:

  • Protection against overcharge
  • 8 second overtime protection
  • Protection against short circuits
  • Maximum power protection
  • Overheating protection feature
  • Overcurrent protection for output
  • Over discharge protection

Coil Compatibility

The Drag S Pro is compatible with all PnP and TPP coils. Note that you will need a PnP pod in order to use PnP coils.

Colour variations
  • Basalt Grey
  • Classic Black
  • California Orange
  • Garda Blue

Voopoo Drag X Pro Kit

The Voopoo Drag X Pro Kit has taken all the best parts of the original Drag X kit and adjusted the technology to be more suitable for sub-ohm vaping. The device is compact, easy to use, and powerful. Featuring a top-filling system and compatibility with TPP and PnP coils, the device is adaptable to each user’s liking. Experience a 20% performance boost in the Drag X range with the new Gen Fan 3.0 chip. 

Drag X Pro Technology and Specifications

The Drag X Pro is tuned up in subtle ways, making its appearance, structure, and technology perfect for vaping enthusiasts:

Featuring the New TPP X Pod

The new design of the TPP X Pod has been adapted to provide the most powerful coil within the TPP range. Experience professional and powerful vaping with this next-gen pod system.

Effortless Filling System

There is no need to dread spillage when refilling your device. You can simply:

  1. Press the enclosed button and rotate your pod to the left
  2. Remove the silicone plug and inject your e-liquid
  3. Replace the plug and rotate your pod back in place
  4. Let your coil soak for 5 to 10 minutes and get back to vaping!

360° Innovative Air Flow

With a 360° airflow system as well as bottom airflow, you can have more precise control over your device and cloud production. Enjoy the perfect MTL experience with smooth and rich flavours. 

Easy Control Toggle Button

The Drag X Pro features one of the best vaping innovations: a toggle switch button. Turn your device on and off in the traditional manner by pressing the button or simply take some drags. Choose auto or manual for dual vaping at its finest!

Better Performance

The powerful Gene Fan 3.0 chip provides users with huge clouds and more stable flavours. This device showcases a 20% overall improvement on previous Drag X models. 

Vape All Day Long

The Drag X Pro is compatible with a single 18650 or 21700 external battery (not included in the product package). It also has a strong type-C 2.5A/5V fast charging port to accommodate long vaping sessions. 

Great Flavour

The Drag X Pro has two TPP coils of 0.15 Ω and 0.2 Ω. Feel the strength of a TPP coil and experience the rich flavour production. The device is compatible with all TPP and PnP coils (you will need a PnP pod to use the compatible coils).

Maxed Wattage Output

Whereas the Drag X series was limited to a maximum wattage output of 80 Watts, the Drag X Pro has an upgraded wattage output of 100 Watts. Fine tune the device to reach your desired range of flavour production!

Safe and Secure

The Drag X Pro features enhanced security with:

  • Protection against overcharge
  • 8 second overtime protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overheat prevention
  • Output overcurrent protection
  • Maximum power protection
  • Battery reverse protection
Colour variations
  • Classic Black
  • Gobi Grey
  • California Orange
  • Garda Blue

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