How to do amazing vape tricks?

Pro tips and step-by-step info on how to do the baddest vape tricks on the block.

Vape tricks – we’ve all been through it. You’re sitting in a public space when suddenly there’s a flash of white clouds – and then having to look twice to believe what your eyes just saw. 

Yes, that person just blew a jellyfish across the bar counter. And yes, it totally is possible to puff circles and air-bend them to go almost anywhere you want, like straight out of a fiction movie. 

Ever secretly watched someone vape and then wonder, wait – where did that come from? It’s exactly all these fascinating tips and tricks we’re going to cover in this self-help article. 

But first!

The Basics

Baby steps get the job done. You won’t learn vape tricks unless you have these two things under the knee. 

  • Learning how to properly hit your (type of) vape
  • Making clouds

How to hit a vape

If you’re an MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaper, normal procedures apply. You might want to exhale a tiny amount of vapor before beginning the trick, the first bit is usually not so dense.

Additionally, with some devices, it also helps to activate your coil (if manually operated) a few milliseconds before starting to inhale. This will ensure you the best cloud density from the moment you start exhaling. 

Be extremely careful not to burn your coil and flavor while doing this. In other words, don’t wait for a prolonged time before inhaling. The moment you hear the coil activate you should already be inhaling. 

When it comes to massive clouds & naturally more impressive vapor tricks, DTL (Direct-to-lung) vaping is the direction to go in.



The 3 most important things to note:

  • Low resistance coil (sub-ohm ~ 0.5 ohms) 
  • High wattage (aim for 40 watts or above)
  • VG (Vegetable glycerin) dominant vape liquid.

Low resistance coils heat up faster. Therefore, make sure there’s plenty of surface area and you’re already halfway where you want to be. The OXVA Arbiter 2 RTA and Hellvape Dead Rabbit RDA are both great choices for this. 

RTA – Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. Holds e-liquid in a tank, usually top refill.

RDA – Rebuildable Drip Atomizer. E-liquid is dripped onto the coil regularly.

Moreover, crank up your wattage to at least 40 watts and test upwards from there, this will differ from one person to another.  Box mods like the Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 and the Geekvape Obelisk 200W will work great as they come with a range of adjustable settings and powerful batteries. 

If you’re looking for a complete kit that covers everything we’ve discussed above, the Vaporesso Luxe II and Voopoo Drag Max are two of your best options.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s get into the amazing vape tricks you can learn!

Ghost inhale


A perfect trick for MTL vapers.

Step 1: Take a hit of your vape, don’t inhale

Step 2: Blow up your cheeks like when you’re blowing up a balloon 

Step 3: Drop your jaw

Step 3: Open up your mouth without letting a wind gust escape from it.

Step 4: Close your mouth with the right speed so the vapor escapes in the form of a little cloud.

Step 5: Rapidly suck the vapor back in to inhale. There should be no wandering vapor in the air.

For a visual representation, check out this Youtube clip

French inhale

French inhale trick -Vaperite

Another easy trick for MTL vapers and similar to the ghost inhale. Nicknamed the upside-down waterfall. 

Step 1: Take a hit of your vape, don’t inhale

Step 2: Blow up your cheeks like when you’re blowing up a balloon 

Step 3: Drop your jaw

Step 4: While closing your mouth slowly to push out the vapor, inhale through your nose. 

Have a look at the trick here.


Tornado Vape Tricks - Vaperite - Vape Shop SA

Can be done with MTL devices, but works optimally with DTL devices. 

Step 1: Slowly exhale vapor onto a flat surface, the colder the surface the better. Exhaling fast will not give you the consistency of vapor you’ll need to perform the trick. The vapor should lay on the surface, not rise.

Step 2: From then, position your hand into the vapor layer and flick upwards with your hand, leading with your fingers. The vapor should rise in the form of a tornado. 
Practice will make perfect on this one, you can check out a visual representation here.

The Dragon

Dragon Exhale -Vaperite

One of the easiest but still one of the best-looking tricks out there!

Step 1: Firstly, take a hit of your vape, and inhale

Step 2: Secondly, bite the tip of your top lip and exhale. The vapor should exit from the sides of your mouth, imitating that of dragon’s smoke. For an even cooler effect, simultaneously exhale through your nose while doing this to produce four vapor streams instead of just two. 

Here’s what it looks like


Moving on to vape tricks that require a tiny bit of practice. You’re now approaching a level where people will probably ask you to repeat the trick. 

Circles / The O-ring

The O Rings Trick - Vaperite South Africa

The most famous trick in the book. No matter how many times you shoot circles across a room it just never gets boring, ever. 

Step 1: Take a hit of your vape and keep and keep the vapor in your throat. 

Step 2: If you inhale, blow out the first bit of vapor in a downward direction to get to the dense vapor before attempting the trick, otherwise it may look disappointing. 

Step 3: Form your lips into a circular shape and tuck your lips over your teeth, don’t pout!

Step 4: Rest your tongue at the base of your mouth and retract your tongue as far back as possible.

Step 5: Click your jaw or imitate a dumbed-down version of a cough. You should hear only a slight sound of air escaping in the controlled portions you create with your soft palate. The key is to pulse the back of your throat, this action pushes out small pockets of air with a little bit of force behind them. With practice, increase the force and watch those circles fly!

Tip: You can control the initial size of your circles by adjusting the O-shaped size you make with your mouth. 

If you haven’t seen this trick before, check it out here

Pushing O’s


Mastering this trick can make you look pretty cool. 

Step 1: Blow an O with pressure behind it. (A fast-traveling O)

Step 2: Start off with your fingers against each other, they can be open later on. 

Step 3: Keep your hand flat, not curved. 

Step 4: Place your hand beside your cheek, with your palm facing forward. 

Step 5: Timing! Follow your O with your palm, about 2 or 3 cm away from it works best. 

Step 6: You can now slightly direct the “O” with your palm.

This can be tricky, make sure to check out this video example.

The bull ring

Bull Ring Trick

If you’ve mastered the O-ring, naturally, the next step would be the bull ring. And it’s simpler than you might think. 

Step 1: Blow a circle with the least possible amount of pressure behind it so it doesn’t fly away. 

Step 2: Bring your nostrils close to the circle and inhale through your nose. This will effectively break the circle, making it look like the ring goes through your nose.


There’s a pretty good chance that if you can do any one of these vape tricks, you probably won’t be reading this article. But for our confident readers, here they are.

The bane inhale

The Bane Inhale

This trick is similar to the french inhale, with a twist in difficulty. On the bright side, you’ll look like Bane from Batman for a hard-earned second or two. 

Step 1: Take a hit of your vape, don’t inhale

Step 2: Place your upper teeth on your bottom lip.

Step 3: Slightly raise your upper lip. (This can look a little silly at first)

Step 4: Slowly push out the vapor in your mouth through the gaps between your teeth while inhaling through your nose. You will need to inhale harder than with a french inhale. 

Tip: If your vapor isn’t coming out in clear lines, adjust the pressure of your teeth on your bottom lip so triangular gaps are formed where the air can escape. 

Here’s what it should look like

The Jellyfish


A crowd favorite! You’ll need to have mastered 3 vape tricks before attempting the jellyfish:

  • How to do O’s
  • How to control O’s
  • How to ghost inhale

Step 1: Blow an “O”

Step 2: Push the “O” and follow it at a constant pace

Step 3: Take a second hit from your vape and keep it in your mouth, preparing to do a ghost. 

Step 4: Get really close to the “O” and perform a ghost in the center of the O-ring. 

Tip: The ghost is similar to the ghost inhale, without the inhalation. A ventilated area will make this trick almost impossible to perform. 
Click here to see the video representation.

Triangles – altering the shape of O’s

The triangle vaping style

If you liked the idea of pushing O’s, then read on. When attempting triangles, timing is very important.

Step 1: Blow an “O” 

Step 2: Put your one hand’s fingers together with your palm facing down and perform two consecutive downward motions right next to the O. The timing between the two hand motions will determine if you either get a triangle or a jiggly circle. 

If it’s still unclear, check out a Youtube clip here

The lasso

The lasso vape trick

Once again, you’ll have to have mastered 2 tricks to attempt the lasso:

  • How to do O’s
  • How to control O’s

For this mesmerizing trick to go well, you’ll also need an indoor space with very little ventilation. 

Step 1: Blow an O and push it so it can generate speed. 

Step 2: Take a second hit from your vape 

Step 3: Blow a second “O” through the center of the initial ring. The second “O” should be slightly faster than the first. Stand back and watch the lasso effect in full swing! 

Here’s what it looks like. 

Vape Tricks - Vaperite South Africa

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