Cannabis Strains For Euphoric Effects

Euphoria, the feeling of intense happiness or excitement, is a common effect found in nearly all cannabis strains. It is the most desired effect for cannabis users, as it makes them feel happy and uplifted. In addition to euphoria, weed can also give users a burst of energy that leaves them talkative, stimulated and creative.

We have previously explored cannabis strains to help you focus and cannabis strains for creativity. In the latest edition of Vaperite’s blog series, we will cover the euphoric effects of cannabis on users, the effects cannabinoids have on the brain and the strains used to achieve this. 

How does cannabis make you feel euphoric?

There are various reasons why cannabis is used. Some people use it for recreational purposes, while others use it for the medicinal effects it has on them. There is always a desired effect the user wishes to induce from a cannabis strain. The classic effect of feeling a buzz, giggly and happy is guaranteed with most cannabis strains.

Nearly all cannabis strains are associated with euphoria. The euphoric feeling is a result of the THC compound that is present in cannabis plants. When you vape, smoke, dab or eat cannabis edibles, THC and the associated cannabinoids enter the bloodstream, and travel through your system and into your brain, where the CB1 and CB2 receptors are stimulated, resulting in a feeling of euphoria. CBD, on the other hand, is a cannabinoid that is also found in cannabis plants but does not have the same effect on the CB1 and CB2 receptors as THC does, due to its biochemical structure. This results in a more calm than euphoric feeling.

The method of consumption, and how regularly you consume cannabis, will affect your reaction time to THC, CBD and other cannabinoids in your system. Vaping, joints, blunts and pipes will produce results within minutes, while edibles will have a longer reaction time depending on your metabolic rate. 

While some cannabis strains are more euphoric than others, these are often strains with higher THC:CBD concentration ratio. The properties of various cannabis strains have been well researched and documented, to help you choose exactly the right cannabis strain that will give you the desired euphoric effect. 

Which strain is more euphoric?

To understand which cannabis strains you should choose, you have to know the key properties of a cannabis plant. Is it a Sativa, Indica or a Hybrid strain? And what are the THC levels that will induce the desired effect? 

Sativa strains provide a burst of energy that is best used when you need to take on a mountain of tasks in the day. These are also strains that have high THC levels, which is known to stimulate the brain. Sativa strains are also associated with head highs that make it perfect for feeling euphoric, energised and creative. 

Indica strains have the opposite effect of the Sativa strains, as it is seen as an “evening” strain. These are strains that have a healthy blend of THC and CBD. Moreover, the full body effects it has on users will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, happy and sleepy in some cases.

Hybrid strains are a genetic mix of both Indica and Sativa strains, often bred to produce the best genes from both strains. 

So which strains are more euphoric? It simply depends on the THC concentration level found in that particular cannabis strain.   

10 best cannabis strains with euphoric effects

#Name of Strain Strain typeBlend THC LevelTerpene (taste like)Typical effect
1Soul ShineHybrid60% Sativa22%Fruity, MuskEuphoria, Happiness
2Summer BreezeHybrid23%TropicalEuphoria, Upliftment
3BlancoHybrid– 27%Wood, ButterEuphoria, Talking
4ChemnesiaHybrid70% SativaCitrus, ChemicalEuphoria, Happiness
5Thunderbird RoseSativa100% Sativa15%Rose, SweetEuphoria, Creativity 
6Euphoria cookiesHybrid50% Sativa22%Sweet, CitrusEuphoria, Creativity
7Middlefork x Pineapple ExpressHybrid55% – 60% Sativa20%PineappleEuphoria, arousal 
8Golden TangieHybrid60% Sativa16%Orange, PeachEuphoria, Talking
9Mandala #1Hybrid50% Sativa21%Mint, BerryEuphoria, Energy
10Cherry CakeHybrid60% Sativa17%Vanilla, PeachEuphoria, Creativity

Soul Shine

Soul Shine is dubbed as euphoria in a plant. This hybrid strain has a musky fruity aroma that creates a psychedelic sensation when consumed. Its Indica mix is great for reducing stress and anxiety, helping you feel happy and relaxed. 

Summer Breeze

This hybrid is a genetic cross between Sour Queen x Cinderella 99 and Orange Blossom Trail. Its tropical aroma and pineapple taste will make you feel uplifted. Best reserved for sunny days and lazy afternoon sessions. The effects of Summer Breeze is an elevation of one’s mood, making you feel a balance between calmness and euphoria like a summer breeze. 


Blanco is a hybrid strain with high THC levels. Users of this strain report feeling euphoria, upliftment and talkative. Its woody and buttery aromas compliment the high levels of THC that will elicit a feeling of happiness and joy.    


Chemnesia is an innovative genetic cross between Amnesia Sour Diesel and I-95. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain has invigorating mental and physical effects that help with fatigue and depression. The pleasant citrus aroma compliments the feelings of euphoria, happiness and joy that the user will experience. 

Thunderbird Rose

One of the pure Sativa strains on this list, Thunderbird Rose, produces large lime green buds, with a heavy floral aroma of deep green forestry and blueberry notes. Thunderbird Rose has uplifting and euphoric effects that helps with increasing creativity and enhancing the users’ mood.    

Euphoria cookies

This list would be incomplete without the loveable hybrid from the two popular cannabis strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Euphoria. This 50/50 hybrid has colourful buds that exhibit sweet, doughy terpenes. The uplifting and soothing body effects of Euphoria Cookies is perfect for users looking for a sweet taste and a creative and happy feeling. 

Middlefork x Pineapple Express

Middlefork x Pineapple Express is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. The best of both genetic profiles from the parent plants produces a fruity taste and a gentle euphoric effect. Also known for its arousal effects, users experience a healthy dose of cannabinoid content from its 20% THC property. 

Golden Tangie

Golden Tangie is another sativa-dominant strain with tropical (orange and peachy) terpenes and stimulating effects. Its parent plants, Golden Goat and Tangie, give off invigorating effects along with pungent citrus and pine aromas that help elevate your mood.

Mandala #1

Mandala #1 is a hybrid strain bred using Mandala Seeds that is commonly found in South Africa, New Zealand and Northern India. When consumed, Mandala #1 illuminates the mind with euphoria, creativity and happiness. Its sweet aromas of mint and berry compliments the effects of this strain that will have you feeling more energised than calm.  

Cherry Cake

The final strain on our list is a cross between CTF and NorCal Goo. Cherry Cake is a  sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a 17% THC concentration level. With an earthy, sweet, peachy flavour profile, this strain is perfect for daytime consumption, as it leaves you feeling creative, euphoric and energetic. Cherry Cake is known for its head highs that are perfect for inducing an active and creative mind. 

Weed for euphoric effects: how much should I consume? 

Now that we have identified which cannabis strains are needed to achieve the desired result of euphoria, the question of how much one should consume to stimulate the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the brain remains the most beneficial question. 

Moderation and dosage is key. Cannabis strains react differently from user to user. Figure out the effect you want to induce and find your perfect choice of consumption. Then find the dosage that works for you, through trial and error. Once you gauge the effects, you will know exactly what strain, medium of consumption and dose is perfect for your needs. 

All in all, inducing euphoria in your system can make for a highly productive day or a choice of night cap to end off a busy day. 


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