Can I mix e-liquid brands, flavours and strengths? – Vaping tips

Laying out the foundation of mixing your own e-liquid, the safe way. 

If you’re still unsure whether you can mix your vape flavours – yes! You totally can, and there are a multitude of reasons people love to do so.  

It’s in the nature of a vaper to explore with different options, flavours, and vapour strengths. It’s all about being unique, and customising your vape juice on top of your device itself will surely fill that urge. 

Luckily, there’s no harm in mixing up different nicotine solutions to your preference – you just need to take note of the PG/VG ratio and individual nicotine profiles beforehand. More on that below. 

Reasons to mix e-liquid flavours and nicotine strengths

Whether you’re looking for the next hip flavour combo or just the perfect nicotine profile to go with your favourite vape juice flavour, there are quite a few valid reasons people prefer to mix their e-liquids, mainly because:

  • Diverse flavours can enhance vaping pleasure
  • Buying pre-mixed flavours can be more expensive than DIY home-mixed flavours
  • You can adjust your nicotine levels to fit your needs 

Diverse flavours can enhance vaping pleasure

Some e-liquids are naturally sweet, and when using VG (vegetable glycerine) as a base, they’re naturally even sweeter. Some like to mix a sweeter flavour with something neutral, like tobacco. 

Others just like creating taste explosions; mixing all kinds of fruits, exotic flavours and other impressive pre-mixed flavours to create a unique blend of flavours. 

And since so many people vape purely for the myriad of different flavours available instead of using it as a harm reduction tool, it’s no wonder that flavour mixing has become a social element as well. 

Especially among vapers who use dippers and other box mods – it’s all about flavour, airflow and intense vapour flavour delivery. 

Buying pre-mixed flavours can be more expensive than DIY-mixed flavours

Don’t get us wrong – there are plenty of amazing pre-mixed vape flavours out there – more than the average person would know how to choose from. 

But – you’ll be surprised at what comes out from mixing what you have lying around – before blindly spending what you would on a brand-new flavour. We’ve included a popular list of combinations below. 

To note, pre-mixed and complicated flavours are generally more expensive than simple flavours, so sticking with simple flavours and mixing them yourself will turn out cheaper and also provide more of your preferred custom vape flavour mix than if purchased premixed. You also have the option of mixing small amounts at a time as you refill, instead of mixing an entire 30ml bottle at once. 

Adjust your nicotine levels to fit your needs 

Maybe you’re set on your nicotine strength, maybe you’re constantly changing it up. Perhaps you’re thinking of cutting down on nicotine consumption altogether for health reasons ? Many people use different nicotine strengths to cater for different environments; a higher or lower profile while out with friends, and a different nicotine profile while working, relaxing by yourself etc. 

All this is totally possible and easy to do with the help of nicotine shots and a wide variety of different e-liquid strengths. More on nicotine shots below. 

How to mix e-liquids 

A popular question in the vaping community, and a simple answer to match. Yes – it’s OK to mix different e-liquids to match your taste – just be sure to use trusted sources and to get the balancing right.

You can mix it straight into your tank or use a see through, empty dripper bottle. (10-30ml or bigger)

Mixing e-liquids for new flavours

Reason #1 for wanting to mix together existing flavours is the enhanced flavour experience. For example, these flavours are already known to be a good combination if you can’t buy it as a single flavour:

Good vape flavours to mix

  • Coffee and mint (menthol)
  • Coffee and vanilla
  • Green tea and fruity flavours like mango, raspberry & peach
  • Strawberry and kiwi
  • Banana and toffee

Mixing flavours together really is as simple as it sounds. You’re going to want to check on the PG (propylene Glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine) levels beforehand, as VG dominant e-liquid is smoother on the throat and produces thicker clouds than PG-dominant e-liquids. 

This along with the nicotine content in each juice will impact your decision on the right proportions to mix with. 

Mixing e-liquids for custom nicotine strengths

The second and also an understandable reason people mix e-liquids are the varying nicotine strengths in different flavours. In some cases, a certain flavour will be produced in 3 or more variations of different nicotine strengths. 

In a case where your desired nicotine strength is not available, or you have your ideal nicotine strength and flavour in mind, mixing the flavours available to get to your consistency would be the way to go. 

Nicotine in e-liquid is measured in mg/mL, so it’s important to decide on nicotine strength, flavour, and PG/VG ratio before starting to mix your juice. 

Ex. If you have both 0mg and 6mg nicotine solutions, mixing them evenly will provide you with a 3mg solution. 

In a case where your preferred e-liquid is not available with a nicotine profile, you can simply add what is called a nicotine shot. Nicotine shots are 10-20ml bottles of pure, unflavoured nicotine that can be added to vape flavours to increase the nicotine profile. These are NOT to be vaped as is, and are purely intended to increase nicotine content in finished products. 

How to determine the ratio before mixing

A very simple point to check, but can be quite the mess if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So before you just throw two and two together, decide on these three things first:

  • Desired nicotine strength
  • Desired flavour
  • Desired cloud density & kick (PG/VG)

Desired nicotine strength

  • Check individual nicotine profiles of each flavour, and decide if combining them will be too strong, first. 

Desired flavour

  • Check that flavours are compatible before mixing! If unsure, mix a tiny amount beforehand and test that first.

Desired cloud density & kick (PG/VG)

  • It’s no secret that PG dominant vape juices pack a stronger punch, almost like that of a cigarette, and produce less vapour. VG dominant e-liquids, on the other hand, produce thick white vapour clouds and are generally a smoother throat hit, so take this to mind before mixing two random flavours or nicotine strengths together – it will largely impact your vaping experience! 


It’s perfectly OK to mix up vape flavours for new and exciting flavour mixes, as long as you check the needed 3 points discussed in this article, first. 

It’ll prove rewarding for your vaping experience to decide what you want beforehand, and only mix small amounts when you’re still unsure. 

You can mix directly into your tank if you’re confident, or use an empty dripper bottle.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of vape juice brands and flavours out there, making the possible combinations of flavours almost limitless! Build your unique flavour with Vaperite’s unique selection of premium vape juices. 

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