18 Signs You’re Secretly a Vape Nerd

Are you a vape nerd? Or perhaps feel that you might fall into that category? Well, we’ve made it easy to find out! 

We’ve all heard the term, and we all know that it’s pretty easy to be dubbed as a vape nerd by any of the points below. 

The one moment you’re buying a vape starter kit, the next moment you’re building your own coils and making your own flavours.

Ever caught yourself in a heated argument about which device is best? Or snapping at someone who dares say that vaping is a bad habit? You might want to read further and find some tongue-in-the-cheek laughs! 

1. The flavour boss

You’ve tried so many vape flavours you could identify any exotic fruit and any possible mixture of it, despite never actually tasting any of it. 

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2. The heated forum vaper

You’ve found yourself getting into a heated argument on a vape forum about which device is best or will quickly get agitated when someone doesn’t carry your knowledge on a topic. Add 3 points

3. The conversation turner

You’re constantly on the lookout to turn a casual conversation to the topic of vaping. Because knowledge is power! 

Add 1 point. 

4. The assistant’s assistant

Overhear a shop assistant giving some advice on a vaporizer? Wait! You just NEED to give your professional advice, perhaps even correct them. 

Add 1 point. 

5. The identifier

Are you a vape user who can identify another vape device by brand and model from a mile away? Add 2 points. 

6. The checker

Whenever you see another person using a vape, you just can’t help your curiosity and so have to check-in and take a look. Add 1 point. 

7. The Scientist

Suddenly you know all about voltage, wattage and ohms. Vaping has taught you more about physics and electronics than high school ever could! Chances are, you can probably just “know” what wattage to run your coils at just by knowing the resistance. 

Add 2 points. 

8. The scent master

Like an English Pointer from the Warner Bros cartoons, you can point out a vape flavour just bypassing someone in the street. This comes from testing flavours on end! Add 3 points. 

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9. The subtle judgemental

Ever found yourself secretly judging someone solely on their choice of a vaping device? Add 2 points. 

10. The charger

If you find yourself carrying more power banks than coils or flavours, and the flashing red light on your battery indicator makes your heart skip a beat, you might be slightly obsessed with running out of battery power. Add 2 points. 

11. The topper-upper

If running out of e-liquid (even just a smidge away from full) drives your nerves through the roof, you can count yourself in as a topper-upper. Add 1 point. 

12. The collector

You might have already known you are guilty here if you have a designated cupboard for all your vaping equipment. If you’re a collector, add 1 point. 

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13. The DIY

The DIY vaper has spent countless hours mixing and testing its very own vape juices. Maybe you just have a refined sense of taste, or maybe you’re just (to some extent) a perfectionist. Either way, for this one you can add 3 points.

14. The all-in

If you choose drinks and dishes that will compliment your e-liquid instead of vice versa, you truly are an all-in vaping connoisseur. Add 3 points. 

15. The coil-builder

When you see any type of wire, you’re already guessing what gauge it is. This one also deserves 3 points. 

16. The live-stream and chill

You can count yourself in here if you’d rather prefer watching 2-hour vape live streams instead of the latest Netflix show. Add 2 points.

17. The Social Vaper 

You know you’ve hit the fanboy/fangirl stage if your ideal social situation is gathering with your friends too, you guessed it – make some clouds. Maybe you even like going to vape lounges to meet like-minded people.  Add 4 points. 

18. The ‘Go big or go home’

You’re not just interested in ordinary vaping. You want the best device, you make your coils and flavours (because you do it better) and if this isn’t enough, your goal is to one day win the world vaping championships. You can add 4 points for this one.

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